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Revitalize Life Organics - #1 Wellness Gift Card. #WellnessMadeEasy - Revitalize Life Organics -

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Revitalize Life Organics - #1 Wellness Gift Card. #WellnessMadeEasy

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Real Customer Reviews

Shopper Momma

✅Verified Review

I got this awful ringworm from our Guinness pigs who we were treating their infection and lucky me I was the one to get their infection too! It was ugly I tried everything it for worse before better I tell you i even put bleach and straight alcohol on this dang ringworm infection! From onset this cream worked and attacked it but I'm ocd and use every thing making it worse by using other creams rather than just stick to this treatment! Finally I used my brain and stuck using this only along with anti fungal washes at the bathing time and washing! I am seeing complete healing and I plan to continue as instructed two more weeks. I will post my last pic once I see no ring at all! This is a wonderful product smells a little weird bit who cares!


✅Verified Review

Purchased on June 24th and began using the same-day. The last picture is today July 2nd and there is only a small scar that looks like a bruise. We applied consistently throughout the day every day. It wasn't the best smell and absorbed/evaporated quickly but I don't think this process is suppose to be pleasant. My daughter was determined to get rid of the ringworm and literally kept it slathered in this stuff all day everyday. One week later it is gone!


✅Verified Review

I never leave reviews and this is a relatively embarrassing topic to begin on but in the middle two photos, that was an overnight difference (12/8-12/9) after a couple days of regular using. I still have a patch (the last pic was taken 12/16 it is currently 12/18 and I've gotten sooo much lazier w it now that it's not as bad) but this was extremely effective. Yes it smells kind of weird but you can cover that up easily and it's important to apply as directed. I have extremely sensitive skin which I think makes me more prone to ringworm and this has worked better than a prescribed pill I got the first time I had it. I really recommend this to anybody I was desperate to get rid of this and this is the fastest solution I've ever gotten

Jessica J

✅Verified Review

This product took the itch and the red spots away I've been taking tons of antihistamines and steroids been put in the hospital this has been going on for 8 weeks since I got a shot that apparently I'm highly allergic to so it's got to run it's course before this nightmare can go away of waking up to hives. Since using this before bed I apply it everywhere because I never know where ill wake up to them at so yes the smell isn't great but I don't care I wake up shower and no hives makes me completely feel a lot better finding some the to act help and not pill form.

Latanya. R

✅Verified Review

I have been suffering from chronic skin problems for the past five years. They are a combination of hives and athletes foot they have developed on my feet, hands, and face. I have spent hundreds of dollars going to a dermatologist to try to get the issue resolved. A lot of times they recommended steroids and antibiotics which have caused me to gain weight as well as become sick and have other health problems. Nothing ever seems to work and usually takes weeks and months to get rid of. When I tried this product, on the first day of began to see results. And now after four days I could tell you that everything that I was experiencing has healed and disappeared. This is far better than taking steroids which can be really harmful.


✅Verified Review

My son is 6years old and was suffering from itching / hives for a longer period of almost a year. We tried various over the counter medicines and even visited some speciality doctors related to allergy. And at last ,I luckily saw this product in Amazon and wanted to try on reading their strong promising product description.On using it, I could clearly see the difference from day 1,AS THEY HAVE MENTIONED. It started reducing the hives level step by step. And this is THE best solution for those who are suffering from hives. JUST BUY IT AND SEE THE AMAZING RESULT. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS LIFE CHANGINGPRODUCT.

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